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The Link Between Modafinil and Creativity

Creative Chris of tuning in today with a few tumbling thoughts about a rather abstract concept: CREATIVITY! It’s just so overused nowadays that I get the feeling that it’s lost its true meaning and value.

That said, let’s dive into it!

Doesn’t matter if your work requires you to be creative. Developing creative skills can benefit anyone in everyday life, and it takes a bit of abstract thinking to realize it.

Creativity involves transforming your ideas, imagination and dreams into reality. It can involve a complex set of actions that lead you to accomplishing a long-term goal. Or it can be something easy like simplifying household tasks.

Either way, working memory is involved. Working memory is a form of memory that allows a person to temporarily hold a limited amount of information at the ready for immediate mental use. It is considered essential for learning, problem-solving, and other mental processes.

This one quote is what I would call a “creative way” of linking Modafinil to creativity:

Creativity thrives when thoughts are all over the place.

Modafinil brings the mind into sharp focus.”

In a nutshell, creativity requires imagination, which must be allowed to run rampant… like a Ferrari doing drifts in a lone desert.

But what is creativity if it is not nurtured, organized and transformed into something beautiful?

Drifting is all fun and games, but fulfillment comes when reaching the final destination, whether it’s Los Angeles, Austin, Melbourne, or any other place back home to your loved ones after realizing “you’ve still got it in you!”

These are metaphors and should be taken as such.

Modafinil is, in many ways, the archetypal smart drug. It is usually the nootropic compound that really gets people excited about cognitive enhancement, given that it has some of the strongest effects of even the pharmaceutical-grade study drugs. Modafinil is probably as close to NZT-48 (the pill in the movie Limitless) as we are ever going to get.

Does Modafinil boost creativity?

A recent study asked the question, Does Modafinil boost creativity? It examined the effect of 200 mg of the drug on healthy volunteers. The study included both placebo and modafinil groups. Participants completed a series of non-verbal tests to measure their creativity. In addition, they took a new battery of tests that measured task motivation. The results were statistically significant. Compared to placebo, participants were significantly more creative on tasks with higher difficulty.

We can therefore say that, while Modafinil and Armodafinil are not directly correlated to creativity, there is sufficient evidence to determine that they do foster it, given the right conditions and mindset.

That said, it’s all up to you, folks, to make the most out of this wonderdrug and D-R-M! (Don’t Ruin Modafinil!)

Yours truly,